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B&D Roller Doors Industrial

The Roll-A-Door® Series 2Light Industrial rolling door has long been the ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications. It features a number of significant benefits to give higher standards of durability, performance and most importantly, operational ease.

All B&D Roll-A-Door Light Industrial Rolling Doors are custom made to suit individual openings.


  • Continuous brake pressed steel curtain
  • Manufactured from 0.5mm gauge, flexible steel curtain, pressed to a horizontal ribbed profile, sliding between vertical guides
  • Deep rigid channel grooves
  • Aluminium bottom rail with weatherstrip
  • Sizes up to 5100mm high x 5100mm wide or up to 3300mm high and 5500mm wide for non-windlocked configurations


Download B&D Series 2 Roller Doors Brochure

Stramit Roller Doors

Stramit Roller Doors Domestic

Strength, security and aesthetic appeal

Stramit® Roller Doors are the ideal solution for all domestic applications, including garages and sheds of all shapes and sizes. Advanced design and quality controlled manufacture ensure many years of reliable operation.

All Stramit® Roller Doors for domestic applications can be fitted with motors and operated by a range of remote control devices such as wall-mounted push buttons or key ring controls.

1. Series A Standard roller doors

2. Series AA For wider openings such as double garages

3. Series AM Mullion pair doors for extra wide openings

Bottom rail and weather strip

Heavy-duty bottom rail strengthens bottom panel. Durable PVC bottom rail strip helps keep out dirt and leaves while cushioning the impact of closing.

One touch control

Motorisation with remote control can be fitted to all doors.



Download Stramit Domestic Roller Door Brochure